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New Lesbian Movie "Kyss Mig" Trailer 977597 views
1:52 a new swedish lesbian movie comes up in july 2011 - Mia (Ruth Vega Fernandez) and Frida (Liv Mjönes) meet each other for the first time at their parents' eng...
best lesbian movie ever KYSS MIG Kiss me WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT Mia & Frida - women in love and kiss 712990 views
4:30 With best thanks to Ruth Vega Fernandez & Liv Mjölen for one of the most romantic movies of this genre. The chemistry of these two amazing women is overwhelm...
Küss mich - Kyss mig (Trailer) 18791 views
1:48 Ein Film von Alexandra-Therese Keining SE 2011, 103 Min, schwedische Originalfassung, deutsche Untertitel, FSK 12 Mia ist mit ihrem Verlobten Tim zur Geburts...
Kyss Mig (Kiss Me) - Breathe Me (Sia) 43399 views
4:32 Kyss Mig (Kiss Me) is a swedish film which was released in 2011.
"Kiss Me" (Kyss mig) I'm not your first girl... 49415 views
0:43 Tiny clip from the 2011 Swedish film "Kyss mig This scene, Frida doubts she is Mia's first sexual experience with a woman. Again , I ask Swedish speakers to ...
Men Only: Lesbians 14 views
6:2 This video is about Men Only: Lesbians.
Kiss Me Trailer 3067841 views
2:4 Click thru now to see this film on digital and DVD from Wolfe — the trusted community source for LGBT movies since 1985! http://www.wolfevideo.com/products/k...
"Kiss Me" (Kyss mig) Frida gets Pissed! 24 views
0:10 Another small clip from the Swedish film "Kyss mig" (Kiss Me). Frida is awfully upset, which still sounds good in Swedish. I'm uploading a few clip from this...
Is This Love (Frida & Mia) 45567 views
4:16 NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. this is a Swedish movie, Kyss Mig 2011.
Kyss Mig - The Solitary Moon 2645 views
4:32 This might be the best lesbian love themed film ever made.
FRIDA&MIA - Tenderness 536 views
1:16 "Lovestain" by Jose Gonzales from the 2011 Swedish film "Kyss mig" (Kiss Me)
11th Annual Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Trailer (Adams) 106 views
0:21 Tiny clip from the 2011 Swedish film "Kyss mig" (Kiss Me) Frida asks Mia to wait for her. "Vänta mig...gå inte...Jag är så glad du är här."
"Kyss mig" Lovestain Jose Gonzales 70640 views
2:29 Teaser Trailer for the Swedish film "Kiss Me." (Kyss Mig)
"Kiss Me" (Kyss mig) "Wait for me" 19 views
0:27 фильм о любви двух девушек.. советую всем посмотреть..
Kiss Me Teaser Trailer 55986 views
0:54 Mia and Frida from the Swedish movie Kyss Mig (Kiss Me) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
End of the Weak im Februar 28 views
2:48 Kyss Mig aka With Every Heartbeat.